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  Hang zhou Linan silide Humidifier Equipment co.,ltd islocated in the national famous scenery traveling city Zhejiang Linanwestern suburbs, adjoins the Hangzhou emblem high speed, as well asnational level nature protection area Tanmu mountain, the environmentis exquisite, the transportation extremely facilitates. The companyproduces each kind of Canadian wet equipment and falls the wetequipment, introduces the advanced science and technology, and fallsthe wet equipment to the traditional Canadian wet equipment to makethe improvement and the optimization, changed has high consumedenergy, the low efficiency tradition adds the wet each temperaturedecrease pattern. Company by "the unity, the offer, the innovation, ishighly effective" enterprise spirit, positively carries out "makes thehigh-quality goods, creates the brand" the brand strategy,"steadfastly is the person, conscientiously works" for enterprise'sbehavior criterion, leading technical and the good faith service basesthe foundation as the company. Causes the company to become thecollection scientific research design, the production manufacture,installs debugs and manages the service is a body each kind of Canadawet decreases temperature the equipment specialized enterprise.

We forever take "the good faith as this, positively will innovate, thecooperation altogether win" will be the objective, will makedetermined efforts, the pursue will be remarkable, all will enter withthe date, wholeheartedly will provide the first-class product and theservice for each place customer!
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